Meet Our Staff

Dr. Purvis


Dr. Purvis grew up on a farm with many animals—he always enjoyed spending time with them and caring for them when they were sick or injured. He strove to become a veterinarian so he could help as many as possible in the future!

After graduating from high school, Dr. P went to Oklahoma State University for seven years, graduating with his DVM degree in 1976. After working with all sorts of animals in various hospitals, he came to Hefner Road in 1998.

As a vet, Dr. P especially likes talking with pet owners and educating them on the dental health of their furry companions. He's also passionate about advising owners on the benefits of noninvasive laser therapy.

Dr. P spends most of his free time raising cattle. He also enjoys traveling and camping at state and national parks, and occasionally goes golfing and boating.

Dr. Linda Blair

Linda Blair

Doctor Blair came to work at Hefner Road Animal Hospital in 2002 doing some relief work while working full time at the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Hospital.  She loved this hospital for it's long term staff, overall cleanliness and good medicine.  

Dr. Blairs love for animals started as a child with a beagle mix that loved to eat trash and went to the vet a lot.  She grew up in Tulsa as a city girl who wanted to be in the country with her animals!  

She worked in Springfield Mo, then Lubbock, Tx. in a small animal emergency practice for 10 years then moved to Oklahoma City in 1999 to work at the emergency clinic and has been there since.  Her favorite challenge is healing wounds.  

Dr. Blair has two children, a son who plays ice hockey and a daughter that rides horses in English riding shows.  They both are on archery and skeet teams.

Dr. Blair has many hobbies.  She loves to ride and show horses.  She runs in mud adventure races occasionally.  She like to waterski and fish and sew and craft and read.  She won a national powerlifting meet in college.  She likes to travel.  

She has 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 hunter/jumper horses, 1 chinchilla, 3 goats and 11 goldfish in the horse trough.  

Dr. Melanie Secrest

Dr. Melanie  Secrest

Dr. Melanie Secrest joined our team as a relief veterinarian in April of 2016. She’s an Oklahoma native, raised in Enid. She graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2012 and enjoys keeping pets healthy with preventative medicine.

She lives in Stillwater, Ok with her husband and two children. When she’s not working as a relief vet she enjoys raising cattle and chickens. She loves spending time with her family and traveling.

She’s made a great new addition here at Hefner Road!                     

Practice Manager


When Donna got a Golden Retriever puppy, she took her to obedience class and quickly fell in love with animal training. She knew it was what she wanted to do, so she left her career in the sales field to pursue a veterinary job!

Donna began working in the kennels before serving as a receptionist and a Veterinary Technician. Eventually, she was able to move into the Manager position, where she's been since 1998. She loves working with clients, many of whom have become her friends over the years! Donna also likes working with cats because they're a challenge to treat and diagnose. 

At home, Donna lives with her husband John, who patiently agrees with Donna bringing home stray cats from time to time. Currently, the family has two: Henry and Sam, her newest adoption, who are adjusting to the addition of two small grandchildren around the house!

In her free time, Donna loves playing golf six to eight months out of the year—she and her husband even travel around the country to play at different courses. Donna also enjoys crafting projects and reading.

Assistant Manager


Growing up, Jacklyn never let a stray pet go without a meal. Her love of animals never wavered, and now she's been working in the veterinary field since she was a junior in high school!
Jacklyn used to work at an animal hospital that was within walking distance from her house. When the veterinarian there retired and the practice went out of business, Jacklyn's job search brought her to Hefner Road. She knew from the very first day working there that it was the place she needed to be!  
As a Veterinary Technician, Jacklyn is especially interested in parasitology and looking at samples under the microscope. She loves the challenge and excitement of a new case! Dr. Purvis even lets her take organism samples for her scientific collection.
At home, Jacklyn has several pets—she refers to them as her personal zoo! She has a 96-pound lap dog named Dr. Carter, two box turtles, a Mexican red kneed tarantula and a feline named Cowboy.
Jacklyn's hobbies include vintage shopping, thrifting, and antiquing. She also likes collecting insects, spending time outdoors, and camping with her pup.


Vet Tech


In 2000, Teresa was just a 16-year-old looking for a job. When she saw Hefner Road Animal Hospital was hiring for a kennel tech position, she didn't realize she would fall in love with the veterinary field! 17 years later, she still loves working with pets and trading stories with their owners.

Teresa was born in Oklahoma City and has lived here all of her life. She grew up around dogs and cats and always had a desire to work with them. In August of 2000, she started at the clinic as a kennel technician before moving to a receptionist position. Now she's a Veterinary Technician and enjoys assisting the veterinarian, helping with laser therapy, and answering clients' questions and concerns. 
Teresa is married and has an energetic little boy. Her family shares their home with two dogs: ; Shelby, a spunky Chihuahua, Kato, a laid-back Black Lab and Blaze, a rambunctious orange tabby kitten. 

In her free time, Teresa is an active "couponer" and loves trying to find the best deals. She and her husband also enjoy riding their motorcycles when time permits.

Receptionist/Vet Assistant


Kevin was born in OKC, but for the most part grew up in the Yukon/Mustang area. He graduated from Mustang High School in May of 2013. Growing up, Kevin had 7 dogs, 2 cats, and 1 gerbil, named Glenn. Two of them are still with his dad, along with two new, energetic boxers, and one is with his mom. In about 7th grade, he decided that he wanted to become a veterinarian. Kevin started his career in the veterinary field at Hefner Road in the fall of 2013. Even though he loves working with the animals, Kevin has worked his way up to receptionist and gets to meet the fellow dog and cat lovers that bring in their animals. During his free time, he likes to find new movies and TV shows on Netflix, volunteer at his church, or spend time with friends and family.