Building a Pet-Friendly Legacy

about us

Dr. Purvis established Hefner Road Animal Hospital in 1998 and has since built a comprehensive and compassionate company of veterinary service. He began his work with both large and small animals in a variety of clinics. He has been a pet owner for years and wanted to focus his passion for small animals and skill in veterinary medicine on more personalized pet care.

Our hospital has been set up to be a warm and friendly facility. We know how uncomfortable that cold medical feeling of many veterinary hospitals can be, and we want to offer a hospital that feels like home. It is so very important that your pet feels as comfortable as possible when he or she comes in for a visit or treatment.

This understanding of pet parents and pets led us to establish our Pet Resort, a home away from home with everything needed for optimal comfort and care.

We believe in the “long term”—whether it is in our relationship to you as a pet parent, your relationship to your pet, or our staff. We cross-train everyone at to ensure your pet’s care and our staff’s longevity.

Everyone at Hefner Road Animal Hospital started in the kennels and has since worked their way into other positions, from veterinary technicians to administrative staff. We believe in investing in people, in community, and pet relationships.

At Hefner Road Animal Hospital, we give back to our pets, pet parents, and community. We do this in our services, our hospitality, and donations to the local schools. By investing in the schools, we hope to inspire the next generation of animal lovers to fill the shoes we will one day leave behind.