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Winter Pet Activities: Creative Ideas to Keep Your Pet Moving

Hefner_iStock_000018596044_LargeEven though the weather has been pleasant and the first signs of spring are on the horizon, February seems to keep us in a winter slump. It’s still dark outside in the early hours, making it a bit more difficult to motivate ourselves for that brisk morning dog walk, and the early sunsets don’t help much, either; especially when it comes to hitting the dog park after work.

However, despite the season and its apparent limitations, our pets do require daily exercise all year long. That being said, since it is much easier to feel that get-up-and-go during the spring and summer months, we thought it would be a great idea to offer up some creative ideas for winter pet activities. Continue…

The Scoop: Why Your Cat Won’t Use The Litter Box

Black cat sitting on human toiletIf your cat won’t use the litter box, it’s probably for reasons unrelated to the environmental impact of his or her litter. However; one in every ten cats will develop an aversion to using the litter box at one point or another, and it’s important to try and understand why.

 Sadly, litter box issues are one of the top reasons cats are surrendered to shelters every year – even though the problem is often solvable, and can be indicative of a larger (and often treatable) health concern. Whether your cat’s litter box lament is a behavioral choice or a medical malady, we’ll explore the possible reasons why your cat won’t use the litterbox. Continue…

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Preventing Pet Emergencies Through Crate Training

Hefner_iStock_000028457668_MediumWhile many people do utilize a crate for their dog, there are many misconceptions out there regarding crate training. People worry that pets who are crated may be cramped, bored, or in an unnatural environment. However, this is rarely the case – especially when a dedicated pet owner is involved.

Properly crated pets still receive plenty of exercise and interaction, and many view the crate as a safe, positive environment. When used right, crate training can also be a valuable means of keeping your pet safe and even preventing pet emergencies all together. Continue…