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Preventing Pet Emergencies Through Crate Training

Hefner_iStock_000028457668_MediumWhile many people do utilize a crate for their dog, there are many misconceptions out there regarding crate training. People worry that pets who are crated may be cramped, bored, or in an unnatural environment. However, this is rarely the case – especially when a dedicated pet owner is involved.

Properly crated pets still receive plenty of exercise and interaction, and many view the crate as a safe, positive environment. When used right, crate training can also be a valuable means of keeping your pet safe and even preventing pet emergencies all together. Continue…

Is it a Pet Emergency? What to Look For and What to Do

Hefner_iStock_000009827806_LargeNo one likes to think about their loved ones being in an emergency situation, but emergencies of all shapes and sizes can happen to people and pets alike. Being aware of your pet’s habits and normal behaviors can be very important in identifying and promptly addressing an emergency situation.

Learn what all pet owners should know about a pet emergency, including what signs to look for, and what to do if your pet is in crisis. Continue…