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Frankie Says Relax: Stressed out Pets

Food for Stressed Dog Food for Stressed Out Cat


How can you tell if your Pet is Stressed?

Stress can be a day to day occurrence for many of us, but have you ever considered that your pet might experience its own form of stress? How can you tell if your pet is stressed if they can’t tell you? Inappropriate eliminations as well as upset G.I. can both be physical manifestations of your pet’s stress. There are many ways to help eliminate your pet’s stress, one of which being prescription diet.
Has your cat decided to stop using the litter box? Does your dog experience diarrhea every time you go out of town? Hill’s Science Diet has formulated two special prescription diets that provide stress relief by simply feeding your pet.

Hill’s Science Diet Options Available for your Anxious Pet


Cat- C/D Multicare Stress not only provides your cat with the vitamins and nutrients they need but also will help regulate your pet’s stress and urinary tract. Felines are prone to urinary tract infections, which are often brought upon by stress.
Dog- I/D Stress is a sensitive stomach diet that is formulated to ease your dog’s G.I. tract while providing them with stress relief. I/D is a staple diet that we use regularly here at Hefner Road for all of our sensitive stomach canine companions. The stress additive is yet another perk to this prescription diet.

How does it relax my pet?

Both diets are completely different, however, they have similar ingredients that help relieve stress like tryptophan and casein. Found in common foods like turkey, tryptophan is the amino acid that gives you that sleepy and content feeling after Thanksgiving dinner. This soothing feeling that tryptophan provides will help your pet with stress relief by simply eating a meal.
Casein, a protein found in mother’s milk, is easily digestible and provides the your pet’s body with essential amino acids. This protein works on a molecular level to bring your pet relief from stress, whatever the cause may be.

How to Make it Happen

Often times we find ourselves, as pet 0wners, relying on behavioral changes to tell us what is ailing our furry friends. This can be problematic at times when we can’t exactly pin point what is causing our pet’s stress. With a simple diet change your pet can have the relief they deserve. Ask us if you pet qualifies Prescription Science Diet Stress today!

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