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Pick A Winner: The Best Puppy for Me

A Puppy Will Make it all Better

Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz once said “Happiness is a warm puppy” and we couldn’t agree more. Puppies are so full of opportunity and love and that is why picking the perfect pup for you is so vital in creating your ideal situation.


How to Pick out Your New Puppy

When you visit a breeder, rescue, shelter, etc., you will most likely be surrounded by available animals. You walk in and several puppies are jumping at your feet waiting for your love and attention.

Is the Puppy a Fit For My Personality?

Your first inclination may be to pick the one that came right up to you and is running around the room. However, you have to consider your own lifestyle. If you are an active person that may be the right choice, but if you are more of a homebody and want a relaxed animal, the puppy sleeping in the corner might be the better option.

Puppy Size: Large and In Charge

Size is also a factor. Not all breeds are suitable for small apartments just like some breeds aren’t suitable for back yard living. When considering a mixed breed, you may not know how they will turn out as far as size goes, so again, keep that in mind.

Your other pets that you may or may not have are also going to be welcoming your new puppy. Consider their size in addition to their temperament when picking their new partner in crime, they should compliment each other.

How Much Does a Puppy Cost?

The first year of a puppy’s life is going to be expensive, there is no way around it. Puppy vaccines are given every three weeks up until a certain age, so plan ahead. Spaying and neutering is often times done within that first year as well. These expenses can add up so look for veterinarians with puppy packages or payment plans to help spread out the cost and pay over time.

Everyone loves a puppy! They bring a smile to any face with their awkwardness and fearlessness. Keep these tips in mind when picking your next furry friend and be sure to enjoy every moment of the process, that’s the key to success!

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