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Boarding Blues

You’ve finally decided to take that hard earned vacation you’ve been dreaming of! You’ve planned and scheduled and, oh wait, the dog! How could you forget the dog?! Scout has never been boarded in the past five years that she’s graced you with her presence and you’re worried how she’ll do away from home for a whole week. With the proper preparations, Scout will not only be okay, she’ll have a wonderful time! There are some things to keep in mind when choosing the best boarding facility for your pet to ensure that they will be safe and entertained while you’re away.

Stow Awayssauce

When considering the best boarding facility for your pets, strict rules on vaccinations are not necessarily a bad thing. Look for facilities with stringent policies regarding vaccinations and flea and tick preventative for the safety of your furry friend. If your pet isn’t required a kennel cough vaccine or flea and tick, who knows what new friends you’ll come home with!

Smells Like Home

If your pet isn’t used to being away from you much, try packing a familiar blanket or t-shirt that smells like home. These comforts will help your pet better adjust to the new surroundings and smells of a boarding facility. Some pets are used to being confined or crated throughout the day, however, some are not. Ask if the facility allows for crates, etc. for added security if your pet finds comfort in their kennel at home

It all starts at Home

All of these strategies are helpful, but if your pet is not properly socialized, they are likely to have a rough time boarding. Exposing your pet to the outside world is very important and will help them better adapt to new places, sounds and people. Boarding your pet should be a fun experience for both owner and pet where you are able to leave your little one in the hands of people you trust.

Shop Around

Most facilities, like Hefner Road Pet Resort, should allow for tours, some may even require them before your pet’s stay. Taking a look at a potential boarding facility will help narrow down your choices and help pick the best place for your pet. Be wary of facilities that won’t let you see where your pet will be staying, transparency is important. You know what is best for your pet, so visit a few different places so you can make an informed decision.

Vacation Packing List

  • Special Diets; some pets require prescription or limited ingredient diets, be sure to tell the facility if this applies to your pup.
  • Toys; long lasting chew toys like Kongs are great for passing time! Bringing along a favorite toy may not be the best idea if your pup is a chewer, they may miss it when they get home!
  • Bedding; leave the heirloom quilts at home, a blanket that smells like family is just fine
  • Leash/Collar; Depending on the facility, your pet may be required to have a quick release collar, however, most facilities will send these items home with you so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.
  • Records; It’s a good idea to bring along vaccinations records and proof of flea and tick preventative, just in case.

*Most facilities will provide bowls, bedding, litter box, etc. but be sure to ask!

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