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Oklahoma City: Dog House Divided

Football season is here and you know what that means, tailgating and watch parties! We all love getting together to enjoy a little rivalry between our favorite teams but where does this leave our four-legged friends? Not every pup is okay with a stimulating outing like tailgating, and that’s okay, but what do you do?

Oklahoma House Dog House Divided_sadie and annie

Boarding for Away Games

Boarding is always an option for those out of town games. Some facilities, like Hefner Road Pet Resort for instance, are the perfect location to house your pet when they are in need of a home away from home. HRPR even has OSU and OU theme suites for your pet to feel at home!

Hosting a Watch Party?

If your pet is comfortable when a crowd comes over, be wary of those puppy dog eyes they give oh so well! Remind your friends that human food is for humans and ‘Scruffy’ may think he wants a bite but it won’t be worth the belly ache later, they’ll understand!

Home Alone Pet?

Leaving your pet at home is also an option but be sure you aren’t setting them up for failure. This is when kennel training comes in handy! If you have a rambunctious pet that happens to have acquired the taste for furniture, leaving them with something stimulating to do can really help! There are several toys available on the market, however, we’ve had great luck with West Paw Design’s Tux Treat Toy and Topple Treat Toy.

As pet owners, we love involving our canine companions in special occasions but we do have to be responsible pet parents at the same. This football season, think about you how can safely involve your pup in your fall festivities, you’re sure to have a waggin’ good time!

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