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When does my pet need an x-ray?

Pet X-Ray Technology

Technology has come so far in our lifetime. We can have a full-fledged conversation with our cell phones and even watch over our homes via video from thousands of miles away. These advances have benefited us in numerous ways but what about our pets? Medically speaking, technology offers diagnostic tools that help veterinary professionals detect abnormalities earlier than ever before. A simple x-ray on your pet can remove guesswork and hopefully prevent more complications down the road.

What are SignsDog Rear Right Paw X-Ray that my Pet needs an X-Ray?
As pet parents, we know our pets, we know when they are happy and we know when they in pain. Unfortunately, the cause of such pain is not always evident and that is when your veterinarian will mostly likely recommend x-rays. Knowing when to have an x-ray taken can be tricky.

Your vet will let you know his/her recommendations when they see:
-Pain without an apparent cause
-Respiratory distress
-Monitoring arthritis
-Senior monitoring- abdominal, hips/spine, over 7 years of age
-Bladder stones

Digital X-ray for Pets
Now more than ever has technology allowed us the luxury of digital x-rays. The beauty of this medical advancement is that you have what you need right when you need it. X-rays are available for specialists, if need be, within minutes for consultation allowing your pet faster treatment for whatever ails them. This means, for you as a pet owner, that your baby will be on the mend more quickly and that is a win-win situation for all involved.


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