Experienced Veterinary Surgery


At Hefner Road Animal Hospital, we are experienced in pet surgery, and we know the challenges that both pet and pet owners can face. We are committed to helping both you and your pet smoothly through this experience.

Veterinary surgical procedures offered:

We value that every client has a clear understanding of their pet's need for surgery. As the pet owner and permanent caregiver, we want you to know:

It is important to us that your pet is as comfortable and pain-free as possible before surgery. We have a protocol for pre-surgical pain management medication when necessary.


Each animal handles anesthesia differently. How your pet reacts to anesthetic depends on the following factors:

We perform pre-operative blood screening on your animal. The benefits of routine blood test are:

Cardiovascular Monitoring

Throughout the procedure we have highly experienced technicians use a system that continuously monitors your pet’s:

Postoperative Care/Managing Pain

We want both pet parents and pets to be at ease throughout the surgical process. We have protocols for pain management medication pre- and post-surgery to keep your pet as comfortable and relaxed as possible. We will also send you home with a set of instructions to best care for your pet during the healing process.

Our surgery technicians will stay with your pet through the entire recovery process. Once he or she is moved out of the recovery room, you will receive a phone call letting you know your pet is doing well.